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     Combustion Management Devices is the official website of the Combustion Operated Impulse Drive Unit. This exciting new technology promises to revitalize combustion based technologies with cleaner, more efficient, and in many cases, simpler solutions.

     The combustion operated Impulse drive unit is a combustion management device designed to create a physical impulse through the release of a thrust burst. A linear mechanical work component also can be removed from the system in conjunction with that thrust component, allowing the force of combustion to be applied in two separate modes. Additionally, the unit can be specifically designed to distribute the combustion forces in a manner advantageous to a particular application. The static combustion chamber further allows for optimizing combustion in a manner current technologies cannot match, meaning cleaner, more efficient application of combustion forces.

     To get a better understanding of the Combustion Operated Impulse Drive Unit, please review the Basics page of this website. This page contains a brief overview of the technology and includes two pictures and one video of a proof of concept test.

     If this sounds interesting, and you would like more information, use the contact link below. Potential investors and individuals with proven technical skills are especially encouraged to contact us. This is a fledgling technology with much work to do. But, there is also much potential.

     Recently, Combustion Management Devices has teamed up with the regional business incubator CMURC. One of the programs CMURC uses to help start up businesses is their Exchange program. This is a fund raising site. It is administered by CMURC and can be used to help companies achieve specific goals. The Combustion Management Devices CMURC Exchange site can be accessed by going to www.cmurc.com or by clicking on the button below

     The Button below will take you to a brief survey. Currently CMURC is running a survey to  access certain aspects regarding technology of this nature. Please take the time to complete this survey. Thank you.

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